About Us

MH Site Construction is committed to helping increase awareness of the importance of site construction in the manufactured housing industry.

This is a forum to promote inclusion and support for all stakeholders by helping define and communicate industry best practices in the site construction process. We address issues related to product performance, durability, public perception and acceptance of manufactured housing.

Proper site construction must begin with a good pre-sale site inspection, including looking for obvious obstacles, planning for effective drainage, looking for ways to lower the set height, and building a good foundation.

When good site prep and more attractive-looking elevations receive the same attention as the home’s floorplan and features, we can start blurring the lines between traditional site-built and manufactured housing.

Homes with proper site preparation and foundations are likely to perform better, last longer, have fewer service issues, lower service costs, create less stress for dealers and homeowners, and lead to more referrals. This is how we get the attention of and expand our markets to include home buyers who wouldn’t normally consider a manufactured home.

Read on to see what Fannie Mae® is doing to help us cross those barriers.


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