Soil Education
The Importance of Soil Type

Soil type plays an important role in a home’s foundation. This video will explain some of the differences in soil types and various options to properly prepare your construction site based on the type of soil available. © 2020 by MH Site Construction, Inc. All rights reserved.

Water Drainage
Gutters are a Good Thing

To preserve the integrity of your foundation, always backfill around all piers so no standing water can collect on or around footers and install an approved vapor barrier. Finally, install gutters with a minimum 6’ extension on each downspout, directing water away from the home. © 2019 by MH Site Construction, Inc.  All rights reserved.

Water Drainage
Water is the Enemy

Did you know 30” of annual rain produces 30,000 gallons of rainwater runoff from the roof of an average-sized home? Gutters should be installed on all homes in areas with 15 or more inches of annual rainfall and should always include downspout extensions that channel the rainwater a minimum of 4-6 feet away from the home. © 2019 by MH Site Construction, Inc.  All rights reserved.


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