Plumbing connections, shingle installation, ridge vent installation, and repair are other areas of the home that also need special attention during close up. 

Plumbing Connections and Plumbing Drops

While plumbing connections are quite obvious, plumbing drops can often go unnoticed. There are cases where the bottom board may fall below the plumbing extension, which makes the plumbing drop unnoticeable. 

If there is no connection between the plumbing and the main waste line, then any waste from that area will accumulate within the bottom board of the home. You can just imagine how disgusting this problem could be! 

Shingles and Roofing Underlayment

Shingles and roofing underlayment prevent rainwater from entering the home’s interior through the roof decking and roof cavity, and ultimately leaking onto the ceiling board. 

The roofing underlayment should be replaced if the damage is beyond repair. An approved sealant should be used to repair damaged shingles. Severely damaged shingles must be replaced.


Ridge Vent Installation

The ridge vent is a vital part of roofing systems on homes that require this feature. It not only helps prolong the life of the roof but helps increase a home’s energy efficiency as well. It must be installed according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

When installed properly it will not only expel warm air but also takes in fresh cooler air into the attic. To make this possible, the roof decking and roof underlayment below the ridge vent should have an air gap at its peak. This will allow warm air to exit from the attic, through the ridge vent.