Proper site prep and a drainage plan that controls the water flow are critical for a solid foundation. Slopes, swales, and drains must carry both surface and sub-surface water away from the home’s foundation.

Site preparation is the single greatest factor, impacting the performance, durability, and aesthetics of the home. It also has a huge impact on the customer experience.

Improper site preparation results in the following:

  • Diminished durability
  • Foundation failure
  • Challenging foundation elevations and low street appeal
  • Erosion and moisture damage
  • Increased installation and service costs
  • Poor quality finish
  • Lower resale

Excavation must not begin until the locations of underground wires, cables, and pipes have been marked, or until you have verification from utility companies that the area is clear.

Before any excavation, call 811 for your local utility locator.