32’ Max. Home Width
Eave/Overhang: 12” Max.
Roof Load: 20 PSF
Soil Bearing Cap: 1500 PSF Min.


Easy Foundation Design Tables

If your site inspection reveals any conditions such as uncompacted fill, highly organic soil or peat, or saturated soil/standing water indicating a high water table, and/or soil that does not drain, consult with a professional engineer or architect. If none of these conditions are present, the following page offers an “Easy Foundation” design you can use most of the time.

Easy Foundation Design

  1. Frost protection placing footers below frost depth or otherwise protected from effects of frost by approved method.
  2. Exterior piers shall be placed at exterior doors and window openings greater than 48” per table 2 above.
  3. All footers will be 3,000 psi min. concrete.
  4. This pier layout has been derived using PE sealed & DAPIA approved installation manual for Clayton Homes®. Please see installation manual.
  5. Consult the home manufacturer’s installation manual or contact them directly for guidance for non-Clayton built homes.
  6. Single stack frame pier maximum height is 36-inches. Double stack frame pier maximum height is 67-inches. Single stack perimeter and mate-line pier maximum height is 54-inches.