Tom Rehrig

Director of Product & Industrial Engineering, Clayton Home Building Group

Tom is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and has a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management. He came to Clayton Homes after spending 22 years in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer Officer. He has been with the Home Building Group since 2000 and has been the Director of Engineering, Plant and General Manager at Hodgenville Home Building Facility, and Special Projects Manager. He provides technical support, project management, research, training, and building science support. He has managed Manufactured home, Modular home, FEMA, and Commercial projects. Tom was a contributor to several Systems Building Research Building Alliance projects such as ENERGY STAR®, FEMA, and the Installation Manual that was developed as a template used by most manufacturers. Tom was also a Commissioner, Ohio Manufactured Home Commission for 6 years.


Unreinforced Slopes
| Feb 6, 2020

Many homeowners choose to place their home on lots with steep slopes. Generally, a contractor removes the “toe” by cutting a shelf into the side of the hill. The “toe” plays a critical role in keeping the upper portion stable. Removing the “toe” without reinforcement should be avoided. An unreinforced slope can erode and collapse, […]

Easy Foundation Design
| Aug 2, 2019

32’ Max. Home Width Eave/Overhang: 12” Max. Roof Load: 20 PSF Soil Bearing Cap: 1500 PSF Min.   If your site inspection reveals any conditions such as uncompacted fill, highly organic soil or peat, or saturated soil/standing water indicating a high water table, and/or soil that does not drain, consult with a professional engineer or […]

Masonry Skirting Enclosure
| Aug 2, 2019

We recently were asked to interpret the grading requirements beneath the home when the space is enclosed with a masonry wall. HUD Code (24 CFR § 3285.203) states that “Home sites must be prepared so that there will be no depressions in which surface water may accumulate beneath the home.” This is interpreted to mean […]


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